Repair of the railway vehicle by Alfert LLP

Repair of railway vehicle is one of the services provided by Alfert freight forwarding company throughout the territory of the CIS countries. We carry out repairs in Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Belarus. To order the service, please contact us by the phone or via email. We also supply any spare parts for the trains.

What kind of the repair of railway vehicle in Kazakhstan and the CIS countries we provide?

  • Current uncoupling repair (CUR).

This kind of repair is conducted by uncoupling the wagon from the train and transferring it to special railway track. Separate parts, assemblies and detail components are replaced or restored. The wagon wherein can be either empty or laden.

  • Roundhouse servicing of the train (RHS).

This is the pre-planned list of works, which includes the replacement of components overhaul, assemblies or separate parts of wagons. The timing of such repairs is defined by the regulatory operational documents.

  • Capital repairs (CR).

It is strictly regulated by the regulatory documents and is mandatory as a roundhouse servicing of the train. It allows the extension of the resource usage of wagons.

  • Capital repairs with the extension of the beneficial use (ECR).

Our company provides service of life cycle extension of freight wagons, which are used in domestic or international traffic. The conclusion is given together with the specialized centers of expertise. Many years of experience allows us to organize the repair of railway vehicle and freight transportations in the shortest possible time, with minimal risk and cost.