Multimodal transportation

Multimodal transportation can significantly reduce the expenditure and the time of the cargo delivery. Their essence is in thecombination of different modes of transport (ground, sea, railway or air). For example, to deliver the cargo to Russia, we can use the following scheme: immediately involve the road, and then the railway transport. In each particular case, a different scheme of logistics is used. But the goal is the same - to minimize the costs. Alfert Company is your one-stop shop solution.

Multimodal transportation of Alfert LLP is always reliable and available

  • Minimizing the risks. We monitor the safety of the cargo at every stage of its movement, organize the responsible warehousing, loading and unloading.
  • Timely delivery is the responsibility of our company.
  • The speed and accessibility.
  • Our logistics department will develop for you an individual scheme of multimodal transportation, taking into account the type of cargo, transportation terms, time of the year and the allocated budget.
  • Reduction of administrative resources.

Deciding to order the multimodal transportation in our company, you will not need to coordinate the actions of several multiple carriers, spend time on the customs red tape, registration of accompanying documents. This will reduce the administrative resources up to 30%. Regardless of the movement distance and the number of involved transport, you sign only one contract with the organizer of the transportation - that is, with our company.

Alfert LLP has a lot of experience and excellent reputation in the market of freight forwarding companies. Our task is not just a high-quality multimodal transportation. We take into account all the nuances of the legislation of different countries, the subtleties of customs terminals work, always deliver the goods in strictly stipulated time and at minimal cost for you.