Auto-transportation in Kazakhstan and CIS countries —we reduce the distance

In most cases, when individuals need to transfer high-capacity goods in the area of one continent, the ground transportation in Kazakhstan and across the CIS countries is required. We also offer the delivery to all countries in Europe and Asia. This service can be ordered in our transportation company. Goods will be shipped on time and unloaded directly to the customer. The cargo can be of different dimensions. Everything depends on the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Auto- transportations in Kazakhstan, the CIS countries, Europe, Asia are carried out using the following means of transport:

  • Tilt-covered vehicle trailer is designed for the transportation of the bulky cargo. An additional trailer can be attached to it, but the maximum capacity should not exceed 25 tons.
  • Refrigerator is used for transportation of perishable products and goods that require storage at low temperatures. The machine is equipped with a special refrigerator. It keeps the temperature from -20 to + 12C. The price of such road transportation in Kazakhstan is slightly higher.
  • A wagon with an isothermal trailer — its platform does not have boards and the walls around the perimeter. Special containers can be put on it.
  • The carrier is the truck equipped with a two-level ramp and designed for the transportation of cars. Trailer tankers are designed for the transportation of liquids.
  • Low loaders.

There is also a special equipment for cargo (highly explosive, flammable or poisonous), which is dangerous for the human life and the environment. To prevent accidents, it is necessary to adhere to the strict rules, which are specified in the regulations.

We carry out auto-transportations:

  • between the cities of Kazakhstan;
  • in any CIS country;
  • in the Baltic countries;
  • at any destination points in Europe, Asia and other destinations.

By caring out auto-transportations in the CIS countries and in other directions, our company undertakes to:

  • Choose the appropriate mode of transport for the cargo transportation with specific characteristics and dimensions.
  • Take the responsibility for the execution of documentation.
  • Offer services of an insurance company.
  • Propose a route, which is the most suitable for the client by the ratio of speed of the delivery - price.
  • Arrange loading and unloading.
  • Deliver the goods in terms strictly stipulated by the contract. Warn about the delay, if any unforeseen circumstances arose.

The are another 3 pros to order the auto-transportation of the cargo in LLP Alfert

1. We ensure the safety of the cargo at all stages of tracking.
2. We complete the prompt delivery, including Door-to- Door.
3. We render the support and assistance in customs procedures.

No matter the size or weight, Alfert LLP will take care of your cargo and will offer the best possible solution to ship your cargo from door to door safely and timely.